KIF Coins

Digital Cannabis - The World's First Cryptocommodities Use Case

"Digital Cannabis"

This site is a resource for interacting with the KIF coins network. KIF coins are part of a decentralized effort in the deployment of a cryptocommodity economic system based on cannabis.

The KIF coins network is an open-source, decentralized network that is operated by independent cannabis and cryptocurrency supporters.

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KIF coins are part of a practical cryptocommodity implementation based on the Cryptocommodities Whitepaper. Read The Press Release...

Industry Collaboration

KIF coins are welcomed for use by all industries. KIF coins offer a standardized approach to value transactions using a decentralized network.

Functioning Network

KIF coins can be used immediately. The KIF coins network is independently operated using open source software tools available right now.

Community Support

The community supporting KIF coins is a dynamic and organic group of innovators and disruptors who aim to advance many industries.

Market Exploration

KIF coins offer a standardized flow of 'digital cannabis' that enables new methods for exploring digital economic systems.